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The easiest way to manage probate in Scotland.
Save on average £3000-£7000 by managing the estate yourself.
Use our trusted online service to get your C1 and C5 confirmation forms.

This online service will work best for you if:

Get your confirmation forms in 3 simple steps

1. Enter the personal and estate details

Fill in our simple forms online. This should take you around 30-45 minutes. We’ll explain what information about the estate is needed.

2. Schedule a phone call with us

Make an appointment with one of our confirmation specialists to run through and check your information.

3. Receive your completed forms

We will email your completed confirmation forms and instructions for submitting them within 24 hours of your phone call.


Completed C1 and C5 forms checked by specialists

£295 including VAT

Sheriff Court fees

The Sheriff Court will also charge a set fee. The amount will depend on the total value of the estate.

More information

If you don't have access to any of the estate's funds right now, you can pay yourself back for all of these charges later.

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“A Quality, professional service to help the DIY executor named in a will. Mike was personally on hand to help me either by email, text or phone. I received the completed C1 & C5 forms from Mike in a couple of days and had the Certificate of Confirmation from the Sheriff Court within a week. I cannot praise Mike enough for all the help.”

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We really care that you have as good an experience as possible. Please get in touch if you need any additional support with using our online service or if you have any questions about the estate administration process.